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Wipac S55 Magneto Sp

Another Rooster Ignitions ProductBPCWK

BSA Bantam D1-D7 Points Cam Woodruff Key

This is the woodruff key which holds the points cam in place on a BSA Bantam D1-D7.
These are frequently missing or damaged as they are very small.
Restore your timing to where it should be with a new one.
Another Rooster Ignitions ProductC-SL1A

Wipac S55 and Genimag Condensor

As fitted to Wipac Flywheel Generator Bantams and all BSA Singles from 1968, Triumph TR25 and T140 1973-75 and many others.
Another Rooster Ignitions ProductCB1A

Wipac S55 and Genimag Contact Breaker Set (Imported)

These contact breakers fit all BSA Bantam D1-D7 and Brockhouse Corgi motorcycles with the exception of the Lucas alternator model.

This item is a direct replacement for the original equipment and can be used with or without one of our electronic ignition modules.
Another Rooster Ignitions ProductD1D7CKA

Wipac S55 Ignition Coil with soldered HT Cable and Spark Plug Cap

This is an extra service we offer with our ignition coils. We can supply the ignition coil with a pre-soldered HT cable and an unsuppressed spark plug cap.
The HT cable and spark plug cap are black.
Please email us with either the Bantam model or the length of HT cable you require.
Please Note: Actual item may be a different colour than the one shown.
Another Rooster Ignitions ProductD1D7ICA

Wipac S55 and Genimag Magneto Ignition Coil

This ignition coil will fit the Wipac S55 and Genimag magnetos found on BSA Bantams and Brockhouse Corgi motorcycles.

We also supply this product complete with an HT lead soldered onto the ignition coil and a non-resistor (un-suppressed) spark plug cap. The HT lead can be cut to your required length and the cost is 28.50
Please contact us for further details

This item replaces the original equipment and can be used with or without one of our electronic ignition modules.
Please note: Actual item may be a different colour from the one shown.
Another Rooster Ignitions ProductFW1

Fibre Washer for top of (Bantam) Wipac S55 Points Pivot.

This is not a standard fitment but it does help insulate the points circlip from the contact breaker spring and keep the contact surfaces alignment stable.
Another Rooster Ignitions ProductPCS-1

BSA Bantam D1-D7 Points Cover Screws (x2)

A set of points cover screws for the Wipac S55 magneto with countersunk slotted heads.
Another Rooster Ignitions ProductPCS-2

BSA Bantam D1-D7 Points Cam Fixing Screw

This is a half inch long cheesehead screw to secure the points cam on a BSA Bantam Wipac S55 Magneto-Generator.

Please note that the scew has a natural steel finish.
Another Rooster Ignitions ProductS55BSH

Wipac S55 Crankshaft Bush

Wipac S55 Generator \ Flywheel Magneto centre crankshaft bush \ bearing.
Nearly every Wipac generator we look at requires this item to be replaced. It will require heating and then press fit removal and replacement.
A worn bush will cause inaccurate timing and may lead to the crankshaft becoming permenantly bent.
Another Rooster Ignitions ProductS55GMT

BSA Bantam D1 - D7 Wipac Generator HT Lead Grommet

This is a black rubber cable grommet as used on the Wipac S55 Generator.
This item should also fit the Brockhouse Corgi motorcycles fitted with the same generator.
Another Rooster Ignitions ProductS55TS4

BSA Bantam D1 - D7 Wipac Generator Terminal Grub Screws (x4)

These are brass slotted generator terminal grub screws suitable for the Wipac S55 generator as fitted to the BSA Bantam D1 - D7 range and the Brockhouse Corgi motorcycle.
Supplied in bags of 4.
They are not suitable for BSA Bantams fitted with the Lucas alternator or the early Wico-Pacy GeniMag generator.

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