Wipac S55 and Geni-Mag Flywheel Magneto Servicing
For BSA Bantam and Brockhouse Corgi Motorcycles
We offer a full recondittioning service for all types of Wipac S55 and Wico-Pacy Genimag generators and magnetos.
We also offer an upgrade and modification service and can prepare these units for trials use, fit electronic ignition or simply add a much recommended combined regulator rectifier to replace your original rectifier.

Prices start from £75.00, but included in that cost are the following services

1. Full electrical diagnosys and stripdown
2. Steam cleaning housings
3. Brush finishing of all metal housings
4. Press removal of original crankshaft bush
5. Supply and press fit of new crankshaft bush
6. Supply and fit of new terminal grub screws (where neccesary)
7. Supply and fit of new contact breaker assembly
8. Supply and fit of new condensor or EI wiring harness
9. Supply and fit new HT Lead Grommet (Where neccesary)
10. Supply and solder new HT lead to ignition coil
11. Wire lighting\Charging coils as per customer specification
12. Return Postage and Packaging for completed unit.

What to check first...

If you have a problem with starting your engine and have already checked the condition and adjustment of the contact breakers then it is possible that the problem is elsewhere.
Crankcase Seals :-
On a two stroke motor, starting and especially hot starting issues are often caused by leaking crankcase seals, and it doesn't matter how much you spend on the ignition system, it will not improve the situation until these are replaced.
Spark Plug :-
Try replacing the spark plug with another of the correct grade as sometimes a spark plug that happily produces an output outside the cylinder will break down under load.
Fuel Delivery :-
Check that fuel is getting to the cylinder and that the fuel tank breather. fuel taps and any filters are not restricted.
Flywheel Magnetism :-
Both ignition and electrical power problems can be caused by weak magnets in the flywheel rotor. To test these you will need to remove the Wipac stator housing from the engine.
You then locate each magnet on the outside edge of the flywheel and let it attract the metal part of a steel screwdriver. Each magnet should be able to both attract and hold the weight of a medium sized screwdriver. If any of the magnets are weak then the flywheel rotor will need replacement. We cannot re-magnatise them. Used ones are easily available on-line and at autojumble sales.

What we need...

We do not request any payment until we have examined your magneto and have sent you a pro-forma for approval!
Please send us your Wipac S55 or Wico Pacy Genimag housing including all coil assemblies.
We do not need your flywheel, points cam or woodruff key. Were possible please send your HT lead and spark plug cap.
A brief note is also required stating the make and exact model of your machine (if a BSA Bantam D7 how many switches are in the headlight), whether your motorcycle uses a battery, and a list of any problems you have encountered. In addition, it should also include your contact details and postal address. If you would like non-standard modifications, these should be listed.
We will usually answer any enquiries you have about this service via email within 48 hours.
Where to send it...

Rooster Ignitions
52 Minstead Road
BH10 5JZ